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Plainer Daddy
Man With Temper

This page is designed for Mom’s, Dad’s and all you children out there. If you see a story that you like, be sure to share it with other family members. We believe strong families build strong marriages. When family problems begin to develop, you will see it takes a toll on the marriage relationship as well as the parent/child relationship. So we have some ideas and stories we want to share, that can possibly help in many of the areas we all have to contend with. My wife and I have two children, a son and a daughter, and we can say both are doing well. Our daughter has been married over 23 years and has given us three precious grandchildren. Our son hasn’t found the right woman yet. So he is still eligible!!!

A Thousand Words?

I have learned some real truths about life, and I want to share them with you. I ask that you share them with all your family too. There are things we tend to do sometimes, but on the spur of the moment. At the time we have good reasons for doing them, but after a while, we continue doing them, because we think it’s cute It’s also catchy and we find other family members doing them too.

I lost my mom several years ago, and since then we have been looking for pictures of her, so we could enjoy memories of her. Not finding many pictures of her, we began looking through 6 hours of video tapes of family get togethers, and was only able to get a couple good pictures of her, when there were many many more.

You see it became funny in our family to cover up your face when someone tried to take a picture of you. I have pictures of all of us doing it on the video. The only problem now, is we don’t have all those memories to look at in picture form. See there are not many regular picture of her either, because you don’t take them when someone has a pillow over their face.

I love my mom so much, and miss her, and wish I had a lot more pictures of her. So please don’t stop people from taking pictures of you, especially family. You may just be depriving them of fond memories when you’re gone. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!

Anger Management!

Ever loose your temper? I know I have, and at one time, I had a pretty bad one, but over the years and with lots of help, I am free of it. Here is a cute story that deals with A TEMPER. I have to say that is a powerful story. I can tell you one thing, it feels really great to not loose my temper any longer and let my mouth say things that I'm sorry for later. Here are some words to live by: "Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind". Can you say That's Right! If your temper is showing, you are already angry.

Anger can be triggered by many things, including things people say about us, or the way we are treated sometimes. Here's a solution to having your anger rise, read Donkey Sense, and see what you can do!

A Temper

Who's Your Role Model?

Everyone has somebody that has been a role model in their life, and I have found out that most children have one too, and that role model is you, their parents! Yes Mom's and Dad's, your children, more often than not, learn from and follow your examples, and many times turn out just like you. So I'm asking you, what are you teaching your children? What are they seeing in you?

Kids remember your parents are only human, they are going to make some mistakes, but you can learn from them too. Here's a real nice pooem for us all called   Walk A Little Plainer Daddy! Now there's some real food for thought!

Plainer Daddy

What's Family Time?

Have you ever asked yourself what happened to family time? Some of the younger generations, may not have even had any. I remember what it was like when I was young and at home. As a family we used to play games and work on puzzles together. We were even musical and learned how to play instruments together.

The point I'm getting at, is that family times have changed a lot over the years. Now it's BE QUIET, when you're in the middle of a movie or some good show. If you haven't read,   A Fascinating Story,, please take the time to do so right now. It kind of gives you an idea of how that little box just came in and took over our homes. We need to learn to shut it off once in a while so we can have those Family Times.

Fascinating Story

How Do You Feel?

Our Country is a GREAT COUNTRY to live in, but we do have a problem. Many of our men, women, teenagers, boys and girls don't like themselves, they have very low opinions of themselves and feel like they have no self worth. Many think and feel like they are useless and can't say or do anything right. Unfortunately we as children and parents say things to one another that only confirms this kind of thinking. So begin today by making a commitment not to use your mouth to run down or criticize other family members. If you can't say something good about them, maybe it's just best not to say anything at all. For those of you who sometimes do feel like this, I'd like you to take a look at I'M SPECIAL, so you can see the truth about yourself!

There is also another big thing you can do to feel better, and that is learn to like yourself, so you can love yourself! To see what I'm talking about take a look at this cute story about Installing Love. Love is something we all need to have so we can give it away to others. I believe as you learn to love others, you are going to find that you yourself will become more lovable I hope you learned something from this story.

I'm Special

Do You Want To Be Ugly?

Adults, teenagers, and children, we all have to learn to be all that we can be. You will come across people who seem to have everything going for them, but if you watch them and study them closely long enough, you will begin to see who they truly are. You will also find people who don't look like much, but if you watch them and study them, you will see  they're a gold mine on the inside, so full of love and feeely showing it to everyone. Looks can be deceiving.

Here is a terrific but sad story about someone who was ugly, and it's called I Want To Be Ugly. Take some time to read this story and think about what it says. Isn't that a powerful story! I don't think you have to be a cat lover to understand the meaning here. Life is going to throw all sorts of junk our way, whether we are an adult, or still growing up. The key is what we do with it, and how we are going to let in change our lives! When it's bad, shake it off and hold no grudges. When it's good, accept it and give love in return. Remember, the work you put into building your house today, is what you are going to live in tomorrow. So build wisely!!

I Want To Be Ugly

What Do You Do?

Has anyone ever said or done something to you, that hurt you? Maybe you were ignored, or got a look you didn’t like, or someone told you like it was! If something like this has ever happened to you, I want you to know it’s like a wedge being pushed into you, no matter how small or big the thing was. My question to you, is what do you do afterwards?

We can elect to forgive and forget putting it in the past, or we can dwell on it and when ever we see these individuals again, bring up all the old wounds and get even angrier. If you do the later, you only make things worse. Each time you bring to mind the event, it’s like taking a hammer and driving that wedge in a little deeper and before long the inevitable will have happened.

The inevitable is friendships being destroyed and marriages falling apart. The bitterness and unforgiveness you feel, will only drive you away from people It will bring sadness, pain and discouragement into your life. You’ll never find true happiness if you are carrying unforgiveness and bitterness around with you. But there is help!

If you are living your life without God in it and His Son Jesus, it’s quite hard to forgive and forget. Jesus will give you the strength to forgive and He’ll help you forget. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, take a look at Do I Need Jesus, to learn more. If you want His help, you just have to ask for It.