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Husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, greetings! All of these fit many of you, and for some maybe only 1 or 2, but one thing we all have in common, WE ARE MEN! We have several stories and article’s for you to read about life and different situations with some very good insights, and many points to ponder! I hope you will find some valuable information here, and be able to leave with some new light on your situations. If you have questions, be sure to contact us!

Words Aren't Enough!

Man and cat
Man and dog

Have you ever thought about your wife, like I did the other day? I was thinking about how I tell her that I love her. I tell her on a daily basis, “I love you”. As I thought about it though, I spend more time, giving attention to my cats. For you maybe it’s not a cat but instead a dog. I thought about why I’ve done this. It’s because they don’t know what “I love you” means, they can only sense the way you love them by the way you treat them, or hold them. WOW, could it be possible that if we spent more time paying attention to our wives that way, they would feel more loved?

Man and Woman
Man and Woman

What do you think? Why don’ t you try it and see if it makes a difference. For some of us, it’s not attention to an animal, but it’s attention to an object, or objects in our life, that takes up all of our time. Here is a story to read, A Trucker’s Last Letter, that will make you think a little, and maybe help you decide what’s really important. Think about your life, is there anything you can change? Talk to your wife, give her some attention! She’ll like it.

Things We Say!

If you want a wonderful marriage, and one that will last a lifetime, you will want to have one very important thing in that marriage. That one thing is communication! I have had some men tell me they talk to their wives all the time. Yes, that may be true, but talk doesn't always mean communication. Check out, Things We Say, for some tips on what to and what not to say. Trust me, it comes from experience. Communication is a two way street, and it requires both parties to be able to listen to the other.

Thngs We Say


To have a good functional marriage, you need to have a relationship with your wife. What is the real meaning behind that, what makes a good relationship and what makes a bad one. Here's an article about the  Relationship we should have, that should answer most of your questions and if not, you can always go to our contact page and leave us your questions there.


Who's Looking?

As husbands and fathers, we need to take a look at who we are. Our children see us in a very different way, and our daughters end up marring men like us, and our sons grow up to be and do many, if not all the things they have watched us do. Here's a cute story about a family that I think you will find very interesting, called   A Fascinating Story, Powerful message there. What things do we bring into our homes, that have an adverse reaction on our families. Fellows, we need to set the examples.

Fascinating Story

What Is Love?

Lets think about LOVE for a moment. What is Love really? (Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.) Boy is that a mouth full, but you know that comes right from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a. Ok so maybe you don't believe in the Bible, but if you really think about those words, you will see that LOVE is all those things. Here's a very cute story, ' Installing Love', that I think will help you see Love in a little different way. See, sometimes it's hard for us to Love, when there are some things we need to take care of first. Love is a big responsibility, and we need to learn how to love, and also how to be loved.

Who Are We?

Guys, I've dedicated this page to just US, so I have a question for you, "Who Are You"? Have you ever felt like you're not worth much, you can't do anything right, or say anything right? Maybe your wife, child, friend or family member has made you feel this way. If you've ever felt like this, STOP RIGHT THERE! Don't listen to all those negative remarks. Some may have even been driven into you when you were a child and they have carried through to your adult life. Well, let's break all that right here and now. Please take the time to read  I'M SPECIAL right now. Think about that, and don't let the put me downs of the past haunt you anymore. Be all you can be and do all you can do. There will be mistakes and problems, but don't look at them, get past them and try harder, We all can do it! Your relationship with your wife and family depends on it. The next step for you is to stop doing these same things to your family, Especially your wife! Learn to look for the good things and the positive things in your family and what they do. A little positive attention can overcome lots and lots of negative attention.

I'm Special

Willingness To Change

I learned a long time ago, sometimes it’s easier to make changes in my life, than to try and get my wife to change! Marriage is a joint venture, two become one, meaning it’s not ‘my way’ or ‘your way’, it’s our way, a new way. There has to be some giving on both sides. Here’s an interesting story to kind of show you what I mean, called  Dear Tech Support, so be sure to take some time and read it!

That’s a cute story, but boy does it say a lot. I have found myself getting caught up in the trap of ‘taking my wife for granted’, just like the fellow in the Trucker’s Last Letter. Guys we have to continue to court our wives, just like when we were dating! If you want to be treated well, treat your wife like she’s extra special. My dad who was married over 50 years, said after my mom had died, he wished he had done some things differently. Being alone, all he could think about was the times he wished he had treated her better, more like his queen. It’s too late to change how you treat your wife, after she’s gone. You may find your changes may bring changes in her!

Dear Tech Support

Understanding Women!

Guys, Marriage is an awesome thing! Stop and think about it for a minute, a man leaves his father and mother, and a women leaves her father and mother, and they are joined together and the two become one. That means to me, I don't get my way anymore, and she doesn't get her way anymore, we have to work on new ways together, and make OUR ways. This is not an impossible task. Of course it would probably be easier, if we could understand women better, wouldn't it? Here is your answer to that in a very cute story, The Bridge. Ok, so we know the answer to that question. That one really tickled my funny bone

It's Your Choice!

I haven’t mentioned God yet, but many of our stories and articles have. So I would like to bring Him into our thoughts right here. If you haven’t ever stopped long enough to think about Him, I believe this may be the right time. You can have a real relationship with Jesus, God’s only Son. With His help, many of the struggles you are going through now, may not even exist. I couldn’t have made 33 years of marriage without Him. Let’s take a look at ‘Marriage and God‘  for a better understanding. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, check out ‘Do I Need Jesus'. I couldn’t imagine life without Jesus!